Tuesday 120717

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EMOTM 15 Minutes
2 Power Cleans
4 HSPU/Ring Dip/Ring Push-up/Push-up
* Treat the power cleans like any other strength day. Choose the heaviest weight you can maintain over the course of the 15 minute period.

4 Rounds
15 Toes to Bar
15 Back Rack Lunges (95/65)
Run 200m

Level II
4 Rounds
15 Knees to as High as You Can
15 Back Rack Lunges (75/55)
Run 200m

Level I
4 Rounds
15 Hanging Leg Raises
15 Back Rack Lunges (45/32)
Run 200m

Post loads and times to comments.


  • JB says:

    Part 1: Power cleans: 95#, HSPU
    Part 2: 75# lunges, 13:30. Last round of lunges was painful.

  • John F. says:

    EMOTM: Two 105# power cleans & 3 ring dips per min.
    metcon: 12:19 w/ level II lunges, but rx TTB

  • DF Pete/Pete CF says:

    EMOTM: 255 lb Power cleans, 8 HSPUs (scaled up a bit…that one was tough) rx’d

    Metcon: 2:47 rx’d

  • Monique says:

    Part 1: 75# power clean, pushups. Wasn’t sure on weight for this but could have gone a little heavier. I liked this.
    Part 2: 12:23 @ level 2. Finally strung together the knees to somewhere, which felt great.

  • ML says:

    EMOTM: 125# power cleans/ 12 ring dips (yellow band)
    Metcon: 10:05 Rx’d

  • Aaron PCF says:

    As you choose your clean weight and hspu scales, you should make it heavy but not unreasonable. This is not a metcon. You should feel pleasantly tired afterwards.

  • Ande says:

    Yeah 6:30 AM:)! way to rock it. Thanks for the pain Coach Jay and Coach Kevin:)!!

  • Cupcake says:

    Peter – I believe you left a “1” off your metcon time. You’re not fooling anyone.

  • Ryan S. says:

    Metcon 1: 135# & ring dips
    Metcon 2: 15:00 rx’d

  • Casto says:

    Pete, I’m going to have to side with Cupcake on this one. Unless your 200M time is now about :12.
    Where is JG Wentworth with his BS meter when we need him?
    Aaron, there is no such thing as “pleasantly tired.”

  • Simon C. says:

    EMOTM: 95# Power Cleans/HSPU (turned into HS after a while).
    Around 12:00 something on the METCON @ level II with TTBar.

    Workouts seems to be getting inexorably harder as of late. What’s up with that? Sigh…..

  • Jenni B says:

    That was fun! And after yesterday…. 135lb cleans/HSPU. Metcon 9:20 rx.

  • Mary P. says:

    EMOTM: 95# power cleans/4 push ups
    I should have used my time more wisely and worked on ring dips. The weight was perfect for my tight lower back…still working on those hammies.

    Metcon: 12:45 rx’d.

    Thanks for the push Judy!

    Nice work 0630.

  • DF Pete/Pete CF says:


    I’ve been doing paleo lately. ;)

  • Jeff C says:

    EMOTM: 135×5, 145×5, 140×5 on pc, hspux5, dipsx5, pusx5

    Metcon: 13:03 level II (difficult after yesterday and today’s EMOTM)

    I enjoyed the EMOTM. Something different, but definitely tired me out a bit on the Metcon.

  • Casto says:

    ML, I don’t believe I have ever worked out around you (with reason, since I have enough ego bruising to go around between Erika, Jenni B and Jen N), but all I can say is: well played.
    Haters gonna hate. But Pete is still full of crap.

  • Sean C says:

    Congrats to my much better half, Margaux, for completing her first Rx WOD today.

  • Monique says:

    Yay, Margaux! Well done!

  • Tom G says:

    Interesting article on nutrition – “weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing” link in name

  • Grace Ann says:

    Nice job Margaux – witness to the seemingly effortless HSPU

    Good to be back. I missed this place.

  • erika says:

    Margeaux! Does this mean you finally ditched the abmat on the HSPU?! I’m so proud…yet sad I wasn’t there to witness……

  • John S says:

    @Aaron: This was a cool WOD.
    EMOTM: 135/4 ring dips
    METCON 2: 12:01 Rx with major performance degradation on TTB.
    I haven’t seen anyone post it yet, so I’ll just mention for the evening crew, a few of the guys this morning agreed they started a bit light on the power cleans. Even a couple of the people doing HSPUs added weight in later rounds and still had around 30 seconds of rest.

  • Toni says:

    @BrianPCF – Is Patriot going to host 31 Hero’s again this year?

  • erika says:

    Public Service Announcement: Mount Vernon Farm is delivering to Patriot tomorrow. Place your orders by 1pm today. http://www.mountvernonfarm.net/orderform.aspx

  • Brian PCF says:

    @Toni – ask Erika.

  • Toni says:

    @Erika – Will Patriot be programming 31 Hero’s this year? And if so, do we need to sign up??

  • DF Pete/Pete CF says:

    I think I’m more flattered that Cupcake and Casto thought my PC and HSPU weights/reps were believeable, but my metcon time was complete BS. I can understand Casto having issues with numbers, reading, and well…intelligent thought in general being from West Virginia Univ. Cupcake on the other hand….too much sun in FL?

  • Casto says:

    I’m smart enough to know several things, Peter.
    For instance:
    Pete owns 3 Monsters of Rock CDs.
    Pete is scared of heights.
    Pete talks to himself and sometimes responds.

  • J.PCF says:

    Pete, I’m glad you volunteered to run the next paleo challenge. Bet you could get BMitch to help you out with it.

  • Michelle Z. says:

    EMOTM: 115# with kipping hspu attempts (and mini clinic from Brianpcf) for rds 1-7 and 4 ring dips for the rest.
    MC: 12:55 rx’d (using rings for ttb – does that count?)

  • DF Pete/Pete CF says:


    Note to self. Delete all stupid shit from facebook.

  • AndrewL says:

    PC&HSPU: 135 (for first 4 or 5 rounds then went to 115) and 4 HSPU for 4-5 rounds then did at least 2 a round.

    Metcon: 12:51 or something RXd (Strung together my first TTB today using the patent pending “Pregnant Lady TTB Method” Thanks Erika!

    Today really sucked, i was almost late today and during the “strength” workout I was wondering why I rushed and didnt just say “screw it, its my rest day”….Oh yeah i wanted to beat Len, thats why.

  • Jon W says:

    @John S – Thanks for sharing PC weight and HSPU advice from this morning. I couldn’t make it to 0630 today so I will definitely take it into consideration at the 5:34pm WOD.

  • John S says:

    @Jon W., cute, yes we all know you automatically add 4 minutes to your arrival time, and then you still crush the rest of us on the WOD.
    This is a good one, you’re gonna’ love it.

  • Chesley says:

    Casto you forgot to mention Pete’s ability to eat an entire box of hot pockets faster than kobisahi can even thinks about a hot dog

  • The Middle Man says:

    @Toni – please let @BrianPCF know @Erika’s response

  • Katie M says:

    EMOTM: 65# and purple band ring dips. I should have gone heavier with both. Next time!

    MC: 14:23ish, with 32# lunges and my first time doing full TTB in a WOD. Huge thanks to everyone at 430pm who pushed me towards the end. Definitely needed it today.

  • Jon W says:

    PC & HSPU – 185# and 4 HSPUs per round

    Metcon – 10:50 rxd

    Great WOD, really liked the extended EMOTM.

  • Casto says:

    I have the exact opposite feeling of Jon. OK, not really. That was my dead legs talking.
    EMOTM: 135 & 4 Push Ups.
    Metcon: 11:19 with 75, TTA and 200M row.

  • Joe M says:

    135 and 4 hspu for the first 10 rds and 2 for the rest-should have done heavier cleans

    14.20 RX’d on the metcon

    Ttb are the devil

  • Mark McGinn says:

    PC -115 + ring dips
    MetCon 14:03 RX’d
    Fun WOD, as much as that can be fun.

  • Jen N says:

    Awesome programming today – thought it was a totally different stimulus and really challenging.

    EMOTM: 155 (for 11 rounds), 145 for the last 4. My form became really ugly so Wilkins recommended dropping the weight towards the end – it was a good recommendation. (and HSPUs)

    Metcon: 12:14 Men’s RX

    the short 5 min of rest/set up between the two portions of the workout killed me.

  • Mollie N says:

    EMOTM: 85lbs, and 4 pushups (first 5 rounds I did one ring dip and 3 push ups)

    Metcon: 11:43 @55lbs all else rx’d.

  • Mollie N says:

    Oh, and big shocker here, I also enjoyed the programming…it was like two workouts in one!

  • Lynette says:

    EMOTM: 105# for 9 rounds, then 95#; 4 ring dips.
    Metcon: 11:09 with 65#. Subbed situps for TTB, after rd 1, due to hand tear.

  • Sean P says:

    135# and 10:28 Rx’d