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Crossfit Kids this weekend at Patriot Crossfit!

Performance Nutrition Town Hall at Potomac Crossfit, 10 December, 1:30pm.


I try to get every athlete who has just graduated Foundations to understand this analogy:

Foundations is like listening to Spanish on tape. It’s confusing at first, but not too hard to get the basics. After several hours of this, you think: “hey, I’m getting this!”

When you start attending Workout of the Day Classes, that’s like being dropped into a dive bar in Jaurez, Mexico, at midnight on a Saturday. Your first reaction is “Holy Shit, is this guy talking to me going to stab me or is he asking me what time it is?”

Like language, immersion is the key. Give WODs about six weeks and you’ll understand movements, terms, logistics, and how to get in and out without getting shot. -Brian PCF

Clean and Jerk

3 Rounds
10 Back Squats (185/125)
10 Strict Pull-ups
10 Strict Dips
Post loads and times to comments.


  • Matt R. says:

    On the road, big shout out to the 0600 at Patriot.

    2k row on the C2 in the hotel gym, which did not look like it had been used since I was on it a month ago. 8:13 which is an 18 second improvement from lat time. Feeling like a sub-8 time isn’t too far off…need to try it not jet lagged.

    Btw @ Louis, I read the board from yesterday (wow…did I miss an exchange!) and your blog post. Let me add my voice to the chorus…..dude, you inspire me, seriously. I have never seen anyone attack their situation and fitness like you do. I hope you don’t get discouraged…I need you screaming at me during burpees…..

  • Lee N says:

    175 C&J (felt good too) 8:29 metcon w. 185, kipping PU, and box help with dips. (didn’t feel so good….)

  • Jon W says:

    C&J – 165/ 165/ 185 (1 then fail)/ 165/ 165

    Metcon – 6:42 rxd except subbed parallel bar dips for ring dips due to shoulder

    Enjoyed the WOD today. Great crowd and coaching at 0600.

  • Canadian Chad says:

    Hello 0600 –

    Cheated on you with the 0530 at Potomac this AM. Have to get to work early this week.

    C&J 145
    Metcon: 5:45 w/ 155 BS, Green band and only 5 pullups last two rounds.

    @Louis – Your blog and your work ethic is very inspiring. Keep up the dedication. It’s easy to just focus on the weight but it’s also good to take measurements to judge your progress. I haven’t lost that much weight since I started Crossfit, but I have gained a ton of muscle and lost several inches off my waist.

  • JC says:

    115 CJ.

    Metcon: Scaled all over due to my being broke and weak (irritating).

    First day back after 5 weeks traveling/hurt. Came in Monday night to grab my food and thought I was at Potomac, must have been 30 ppl! Was worried about the 0600 but good to know it’s the same than when I left.

    Glad to be back, if anyone has experience with a hamstring injury, I could use some advice. jcard3003 at gmail.

  • Jen N says:

    C&J: 145-155-160-150 (ran out of time for a fifth set)

    Metcon: 7:54 RX

    pullups and dips went down hill fast. I think I did the first round in 1:09. Obviously, the 2nd two rounds were very slow.

  • Jen N says:


    During this cycle, when you program C&J or Snatch – do you want us to do the full squat clean and full squat snatch, or is it our choice, or will you specifically designate when you want us to do the power lifts?


  • Loren B says:

    125 C&J (I could have gone heavier… but my form was suffering already. Need to work on that clean…)

    MetCon: 9:29 (125# squats, red-banded kipping pullups, red-banded ring dips). Did the first set of pullups strict (with band), but I was hitting muscle failure too fast the next two times through.

  • Aaron PCF says:

    I will let you know if it should be the power version.

    I will say that if you are a less experienced lifter that can’t get to the bottom of your snatch or clean, you should get as low as you can while maintaining a stale position. The more you practice, the lower you will get.

  • Louis says:


    Metcon 8:05 with 185 lbs squat, ring rows, and dips from the toes on a box.

    @Matt & Chad thanks for the nice comments, I’m not discouraged just frustrated, frustration usually pushes me harder. I still haven’t figured out how to work smarter and not harder. BTW 6 AM is not the same without Matt instigating, you instigator.

  • Jen N says:

    Thanks Aaron, I think we were all doing power cleans this morning. My knee was bothering me so I probably wouldn’t have done squat cleans today regardless, but will know for next time.

  • John S says:

    C and J: 125-125-145-125 form on set 3 was fugly.
    METCON: 9:33, 135 BS; pullups started with feet on 10″ box due to shoulder injury; red band on ring dips.
    Missed you at 0600, Erika. Hope you’re feeling better.

  • Mickey M says:

    C&J 115-115-125-125-135

    Very inflexible shoulders make quick elbows tough.
    Metcon 6:40 with 95# BS, purple band pull ups, push ups.

  • Jenn G. says:

    95-95-95-100-100 with the squat clean

    7:08 100# squat

  • Paul says:

    C&J: 135-155-155-185-185

    metcon: 5:00 Rx’d

  • Sean C says:

    C&J: 165-165-185(fail)-170

    Metcon: 5:22 Rx’d.

    Picked up some speed after shaving the mo. Fair thee well, Movember, and next year I vow to grow an elite-elite ‘stache.

  • Dave says:

    Sets between 155 and 175



  • AlisonPCF says:

    C&J: 85-85-95-95-95

    9:11 puppy (65# squat, 10-8-6 banded strict pullups & dips)

    Nice work today everybody! Saw some great clean & jerk progress.

  • Michael says:

    C&J: 135
    Metcon: 6:01Rx

  • Caitlin says:

    C&J 105
    Metcon: 10:07 (90 squat, some bands mixed in on the dips and pull ups…)

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