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Athlete Profile: Mary B.
Highland, Indiana

PCF: When did you start with PCF?
MB: January 2011

PCF: Favorite WOD
MB: Anything that does not involve body weight movements, especially Burpees.

PCF: Least Favorite WOD
MB: Anything with Burpees involved.

PCF: What is your prior fitness background? What was your exposure to CF before coming to PCF?
MB: Growing up, I played basketball year round from a very young age so I was used to having exercise built in to my life in the form of daily practices. In high school I was introduced to lifting and plyometrics, but it happened infrequently with little benefit. In college I remember walking in to the student gym and feeling totally overwhelmed. I had no idea how to workout other than belonging to a team sport. Needless to say those few years were a hodge podge of sorts. Four years ago with my move to the DC area I started running half marathons and did a few triathlons, I liked the idea of having a set plan and goal at the end. I had not heard of crossfit before my husband introduced me to it and I started a few months after he did at PCF.

PCF: Talk to us about your thoughts after completing your first WOD.
MB: It was thrilling and terrible all at the same time. I would say thrilling because it felt promising that I would get the hang of the movements and it felt good to finish. On the other hand, it was terrible because it was by far the most I had physically and mentally pushed my body in a really long time. I could not believe how exhausted and sore my body was.

PCF: Tell us a little about then vs. now with regard to your performances on a couple of the benchmark WODs.
MB: When I look back at what I was doing when I first started PCF and where I am today I just think holy cow! I am the strongest I have been at any point in my life, I can do pull-ups that I never thought I’d be able to do without bands and I can complete some WODs rx’d. For example, I completed half Cindy a few weeks ago for the first time rx’d. The last time I did half Cindy I had to use bands for the pull-ups and I did knee push-ups.

PCF: Favorite CF/PCF moments you’d like to share?
MB: I really enjoyed participating in the paleo challenge. The same week I started my foundations class I also jumped right into the challenge. It was a great way to jump into the PCF community, learn about paleo cooking and transition into a much healthier lifestyle.

PCF: Any advice for our newbies?
MB: First, write down your workouts, you’ll always have something to look back at and see how far you’ve come. Plus, I can never remember what weights I did the week before so writing it down helps. Secondly, ask questions to coaches or other members. We’ve all been in your shoes with the same exact questions.

PCF: And finally (and most importantly) Who is the best looking and most fabulous PCF coach around?
MB: That’s easy, Erika. She’s the fittest and cutest pregnant women ever. I only wish I could dominate the WODs like she does!

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EMOTM 10 Minutes
1 Rope Climbs
4 Handstand Push-ups/Negatives/Holds/DB Press

Hang Squat Snatch (95/65)

Level II
Hang Squat Snatch (65/42)

Level I
Overhead Squats (65/42)
Post times to comments.

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  1. LeeAnn

    We all know rest is an important component of CrossFit. Therefore I hereby declare Friday to be a Day of Recovery for Brian’s psyche. Let’s get to 100+ (positive) comments in support of Brian today!

    PS – solid work Mary. You’ve come a long way.

  2. Guch


    You are the best looking dude in the gym after me and my twin brother Wiley!

    Hope this helps…

  3. choco thunder

    Mary!! Nice profile killa-bee.

    Etotm with rope climbs! Good times shall be had.

  4. Shane F

    Bring your high socks!

  5. DanPCF

    LeeAnn, what about my psyche?

    2 things I almost missed in Thursdays blog extravaganza:

    1) Judy’s article – you should read it, and tell her how much she rocks the next time you see her.
    2) Beth! I was so excited to see your post – perhaps you’ve posted other times recently – but my blog intake is down.

  6. Kristin L.

    RE-GION!!!!!! :)
    Nice profile Mary B.

  7. DanPCF

    Still catching up.

    Matt M – I’m actually down to one pair of Umbros and they only come out for soccer . . . I did recently WOD in khaki cargo shorts with a nice belt though (Mary, thanks for noticing) . . . so I feel like I’m taking it to the next level.

    Back to the underground.

  8. Dave

    I was going to post a #teambrian but with dan making a strong appearance I’m torn. The only solution is a hashtag


  9. Chesley H

    Nice profile Mary. How ironic that you hate burpees and that’s what’s in the wod for Friday.

    High socks ordered. Thank God I’m not doing this wod!!!

    Brian- your charming words are what add to your twisted steel and sex appeal. Don’t change!

  10. Christy0530

    @brian: hugs :)

  11. Christy0530

    p.s. I am a little buzzed ;)

  12. Matt R.

    Judy’s article was awesome. And I really did send it to my mom.

    Virtual hugs for Brian PCF and big ups for Dan’s shorts.

  13. DF Pete/Pete CF

    Mary, great profile! You rock (and are always smiling)

    @Shane, yes my pic is from the AC with the Muscle & Fitness ladies. Agreed, very meathead-ish. it’s a true classic.

    @Mollie, challenge accepted. May I also add curls for reps to our Atlas stone challenge.

  14. Mickey M

    Great article Judy! I sent it to my mom and she replied via text message “wow she is amazing! I get tired going to get the mail! Love, Mom”

    Brian – you have great legs.

  15. LeeAnn

    For my own Brian compliment…

    Brian, you are an above average FIFA player.

  16. Chesley H

    Judy- I also sent your article to my mom. I figure if she will challenge me to drunk handstands and squat contests in the middle of her beach house then she should seriously consider Crossfit. The birdie is chirping!

    Brian-P.S I bet on the next athlete profile, you’re going to be the most awesome/handsome/inspiring coach at PCF. To ensure this I nominate Mickey or Guch.

  17. Pat M

    Dear Handsomest of all Coaches (calm down Wilkins, I wasn’t talking about you), I don’t do virtual hugs. I will gladly bring it in for the real thing next time I see you.

    Quick hug, two bro slaps on the back then back away from each other. Nothing more.


  18. Cupcake

    Great profile Mary!!

    @LeeAnn: it’s not really necessary for us to support Brian, since he gets all of his confidence by doing this everyday:

  19. ML

    EMOM: better get strict handstands pu’s next wk (Brian PCF thanks for help)
    4:43 Rx’d

    Great profile Mary B. Basketball players make the best athletes!

  20. Chris G


    Pantera. When you’re happy. When you’re sad. When you’re glad. When you’re getting it on. Always Pantera.

  21. Rich S.

    7:41 rx’d

  22. John S

    EMOTM: 2 HSPU/round until #9 – had to stop. Rope climbs felt good.
    IR 8:47
    attempted OH squats, hurt too much, went to Db snatches after the first round.
    subbed box jumps for burpees.
    Being injured sucks.
    Awesome job to Rx the METCON, Chris and Rich!

  23. John F.

    EMOTM: one climb + one HSPU
    Metcon: 10:16 level II

  24. MikePCF / BostonMike

    7:15 LII

  25. Nicole

    Great profile Mary! Thanks for always pushing me :)

    Good luck to any PCFers competing in Tough Mudder this weekend! I’ll be wearing head to toe neon at the 10am wave tomorrow. Say hi!

  26. patrick

    Highland Indiana what up Region Rat!

  27. Kristin M.

    7:53 with 55# hang power snatch.

    Great profile, Mary!

  28. Jon W

    @Brian PCF – just remember the sage advice from Stuart Smalley (aka, Senator Al Franken)… you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it, people (on occasion and excluding yesterday) like you.

    @Mollie, Matt, Nicole, & other PCF Tough Mudders – Matt F (“Fink”) and I are in the 12:20pm wave tomorrow/Saturday with some buddies. Good luck to you!

  29. Cupcake

    Ahem..Jon W…reference my post above?

  30. Karen B

    EMOTM: 1 something with the rope; alternating holds and 30# Db presses
    Metcon: 10:50 at level II. Burpees are from hell.

  31. Jon W

    Damn you (and excuse me), Cupcake! Your subtle reference caught me off-guard; plus, and more importantly, you’re way too young to know that old SNL skit. ;-)

  32. Chocolate Thunder

    Brian, I’ll bet you were the best BreakDancer every year at the Marine Corps ball. Word, son! Do the robot.


  33. Ricky P

    Metcon: 6:15 Rx’d

    Boston Mike convinced me to do the rope climbs without the use of my legs. I highly recommend to disregard this advice. I was gassed after that EMOTM

  34. Casto

    EMOTM: 2 Ring Dips and 4 DB Press (35#)
    Metcon: 8:27 at L2.
    Matt Q., you are unfairly good at this s**t.
    Brian, you are neither a communist nor a goatf**ker, and that makes you super in my book.

  35. LeeAnn

    Speaking of fire sales and Brian’s love of meat:

    Whole Foods in Clarendon has a 1 day sale today. Grass-fed ground beef $4.99/pound. That’s $3 off the regular price. Go buy meat.

  36. Chocolate Thunder

    lol @ the fact that Pretty Ricky said he burned himself out on a rope climb dare, and STILL posted a time faster than most on Rx’d. Nice.

  37. erika

    EMOTM: 1 rope climb and 1-2 HSPU per round.

    Metcon: TERRIBLE. Just barely squeaked in under 10 minutes: 9:59 Rx’d. I blame the fact that I did this by myself in between classes, and that rope climbs and burpees are just unfairly mean to pregnant women.

    That’s what I love about Crossfit: on top of the world one day (180# C&J yesterday), humbled the next.

  38. Jeff C

    Robb Wolfe is salivating at the mouth. I think he just booked a flight into DCA to visit these folks and find the secret to their success.

  39. Mike F

    EMOTM: 1 rope climb, 3-4 35#db seated press
    Metcon: 7:54, L2 (but depth on a few of the squats was pretty dodgy)

  40. Doors

    Did a vacation WOD today at CrossFit Hamptons:
    100 jump ropes
    21 knees to elbow
    50 push ups
    15 pull ups
    100 jump ropes
    15 knees to elbow
    25 push ups
    12 pull ups
    100 jump rope
    12 knees to elbow
    20 push ups
    9 pull ups

    Completed in 23:14

    Followed by: pass out.

  41. Kassi

    Brian, since neither of us are sensitive people I post this on Brian love day:

    I just bought Lardo at a farmer’s market. (For those of you who don’t know what that is:

    Oh. Em. Gee.

  42. Asian Mojo

    Rickysan – 1
    Richsan – 0

    Richsan Bam rook rike you…

  43. Chesley H

    Asian mojo, I’ll admit, I did give Pretty Ricky (PR) a heads up to Superman’s (SM aka Rich) time. I’ll say he had a slight advantage with that knowledge and an extra hour of shut eye.

    I propose a throw down with PR, SM, and ML. As witness to the 530/630 classes, they each put up retarded times on this WOD. I’d love to see them duke it out!!

  44. Rich S.

    Two thoughts:

    a) Can we wait until Pretty Ricky’s wife has a baby (yes..ladies..he is married and a kid on the way. I know this is as mortifying as hearing Bieber has a girlfriend) so that he goes on two hours sleep and a month of fast food?

    b) Can we schedule 3 rounds for time of 5 strict press at 155, 15 non-kipping ring dips and 10 non-kipping handstand push-ups?

  45. Casto

    Rich, I like your plan. However. I’d like to request that this get a special Throwdown time, like 2pm on a Saturday, so that I can pick up some Rocklands and a 40oz while I watch.

  46. Chesley H

    Casto I like your plan! Rich, way to shatter the dreams of hundreds of hopeful women! Couldn’t you have at least waited till Monday to break that news?

  47. Hot Chick In Yoga Pants W/ 400# Back Squat

    must rip down my Ricky P posters at home.

  48. Joe M

    08.46@ lii

    That was unfun but still fun. If my reaction to the initial post is “ugh” I really try and do it that day

  49. Michael

    PS – @Erika – Awesome PR on the C&J!

  50. Shane F

    7:29 RX

    Wasnt the greatest time today but I did buy one of those deep V shirts. Probably a girls shirt but well worth the 5 bucks. :)

  51. Lynette

    EMOTM: some awful rope climbs and some hspu neg
    Metcon: 9:25 with 55# (and vice-like hookgrip)

    Shane, no one will know, once you rip off the sleeves and throw it on the gym floor a few times.

  52. Mike T

    L2 – 11:36

    Rope climb… Fail. The big socks did not work

  53. Andrew

    45# HSS 10:06

  54. Mike H

    It will look sweet with the sleeves ripped off!

  55. Mike L

    3:59 rx’d