Thursday 120426


Deadlift (225/155)
Handstand Push-ups

Level II
21 Deadlift (225/155)
12 Handstand Push-ups
15 Deadlift
9 Deadlift

Level I
Deadlift (155/105)
Post loads and times to comments.

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  1. Rybear Owns Glow Sticks

    Just so everyone knows, the orange wrist bands in a box on the middle stack of weights, are for a “secret” rave Erika is throwing, and they are not for regionals, I repeat not for regionals.

    You can apparently bring a friend to this rave if they bring glow sticks.

    This is me preparing for said Erika’s Secret Rave:

  2. ☻♥♥Twonimus-Maximus♥♥☻

    I wish my eyes could unsee what you posted in that link there Louis.

    Secret Rave Party tho. I’m down. Lets break into the old Potomac and have it there.

  3. John S.

    On travel in Hawaii, dropped in for the Midnite WOD at Crossfit Oahu. Awesome box, 150 cross fitters turned up at midnight, predictably, chaos ensued. As with our gym when things get crowded, everyone was thoroughly groovy and nobody got hurt.
    AMRAP 20 minutes, partner workout:
    Partner 1 , run 200m, alternate run each round
    4 burpees each (add 2 burpees each round, eg 6, 8, 10…)
    10 t2b or 10 box jumps or 10 kb swings each partner

    We got 7 rounds plus 15 burpees
    Super fun, island vibe with a death metal edge.

  4. Christy0530

    0530 Baby Watch Update:

    Lisa and Tim Bourdeau (yes, like the wine…mmmm, wine) welcomed a bouncing baby GIRL into the world yesterday! :D
    All are doing well and just need a good long nap.
    Name as yet to be determined!

  5. Loren B

    Snatch – 135/135(f)/125

    Didn’t finish the reps. Tweaked my elbow a tad and decided to play it safe.

    MetCon – 11:30 rx

    Thank goodness for kipping. That was a lot of HSPU.

  6. Chesley

    Snatch: 80 (attempted 85 but could only muster 2 reps and they were Fugly). 5#pr

    Metcon: 9:00 @ 130# DL & (7 HSPU/14 PU, 3 HSPU/12 PU, 4 HSPU/5PU).

    Congrats to Lisa, Hubby, and baby girl!

    Lou- don’t start auctioning off my seat in your car :-)

  7. Chesley

    P.S- Awesome job to Brandon who strictly muscled his way through the HSPU & Loren for completing rx’d. Stellar job fellas.

  8. Nate O.

    Snatch – 135#
    Metcon: 6:56 with boring old regular push-ups.

  9. Matt R.

    Snatch 75-85-95-95
    Metcon 8:25 at 185# and pushups. Not my finest morning.

  10. Monique

    Snatch: 60#
    Metcon: 6:thirtysomething with 115# and pushups, strict except the second half of the 15 rep round.

    Big congrats to Lisa and hubby, and welcome, baby girl! Rest easy Lisa, you’ve most definitely earned it…

  11. J.PCF

    5:00 rx’d

  12. Brian PCF

    Question to the comments section, aka ‘The Oracle’:

    Background: we’re putting on a big fundraiser on June 9th on the Mall.

    Issue: we can’t find an event registration or retail website that can handle all the data inputs we need, which are:

    Billing info
    Tshirt size
    Crossfit gym

    And needs to have the ability to charge people for just registration or Tshirt plus registration.

    Help! Brian at

  13. John F.

    Snatch x3: four sets at 100#
    Metcon: 4:39 level I

    Congrats Lisa and family. No slacking off now, we expect you back at 0530 on Monday morning (you’ll be awake anyway). Brian can hold the baby during the metcons.

  14. John F.

    Lisa; and as for name selection, I think I can speak for the box in saying we all vote for “Fran” or “Diane” after this weeks wods. (“Nasty Girl” might be cool too, but maybe just as a nickname.)

  15. ? AntwonePeaSeeEf ?

    Brian I can build you such a website in a weekend.

  16. Ryan S

    Snatch: 115
    Metcon: 6:27 w/ 225# and horizontal pushups

  17. AlisonPCF

    Congratulations Lisa on the birth of Leah Rachel! So excited for you guys.

  18. Tes PCF

    Congrats to Lisa and Tim!! The studettes of the 5:30am class keep growing :-)

  19. Kevin

    Lisa- Congrats on the baby! That is great. Although I am sorry that you will now have to do full ROM push ups again. Win some/lose some.

    Nice job to the morning classes that were able to work through the lack of music. Kourtney M really had to dig deep. I actually think we should use the ‘sounds of crossfit’ soundtrack more often. Modal domains people.

  20. ♥ JustTwon ♥

    Lisa big congrats on having a healthy kid.
    The fact that you were still coming in to workout pretty much right up to your due-date is outstanding.
    Please report back and tell us which was worst Child Birth or Murph.

    Oh and PattyCakesM, how about those Caps ?

  21. Julie

    snatch: 55# – still working on that full squat snatch.
    metcon: 6:22 – 115# deadlift and push-ups which quickly descended to knee pushups.
    congrats Lisa on adding to the next generation of PCF!

  22. Mike C.

    Snatch: 95-95-95-115
    Metcon: 7:41 Level II, HSPU held me back.

    Thanks to Erika for correcting 5 months of bad form on squat snatch.

  23. Kevin

    PattycakesM huh?

    This should end well…

  24. Pattycakes M

    Whatevs winning Stanley Cups is sooooo last year.

    By the way, Pattycakes? Come on dude step up your trash talking game.

  25. andrew z

    6:24 RXd (subbed HSPU for incline HSPU)

  26. Rybears Other Boy

    Snatch: 115-135-135-135(2)-115

    Metcon: 6:50 225#,(pu)

  27. Megan C.

    Congrats Lisa and Tim!

  28. Joe M

    7.14 @ 185 21-15-9 and 12-9-6.

    Took just shy of 2 mins off my time at this weight / scheme, but HSPU still wreck the crap out of me

  29. Jon W

    Power Snatch: 125# – 145#

    Diane: 7:51 rxd

    Congrats Lisa! A girl… well done!

  30. Paul

    snatch: 135

    Diane: 5:02 rxd

  31. Karen B

    Power snatch: 75-80-85-85

    Metcon- 4:54 @ 135# and knee pushups. I made that too easy on myself.

  32. Michael

    Snatch: 115 – 135
    Mecon: 10:35Rx

  33. Mary P.

    Yeah Lisa and Tim! Congratulations. I hope you are all adjusting well and we look forward to seeing you back in action.

  34. Tes PCF

    @Antwone: That’s where I live when I go to COS! Yes, I live in those barracks too. And that’s the lake I run around before dinner.

  35. ♥ JustTwon ♥

    Nice, Tes. Want me to make some calls to see if you could jump in there for one of those Seal Training days. Should be fun. Honestly I would do it if i could just to see if I could make it to the end.

  36. Simon H

    More interested in playing DJ today than the WOD. Snatch 135. Sexmet 6:30 w 185 DL & level 2 HSPU

  37. Kourtney M.

    Kevin would be correct that I kept looking to the door in hopes of escaping the NO music snatch + Diane, thanks to everyone who cheered me on in 0530- I had zero energy this morning!!

    Also many congrats Lisa!!

  38. Brandon

    Snatch: 95

    Diane: 13:13 (w/ one abmat)

    Diane is my nemesis. Thanks for all the cheering from Chesley, Loren, Brian and others. Major boost for getting me through that bee-atch…

  39. Michelle Z.

    Snatch: 65
    MC: 5:02 @155 and pu

  40. Mollie N

    Snatch: 45
    Metcon: 5:18 @125 and push ups

  41. Silent Assassin

    5:49 Rx’d

  42. Djerame

    Snatch: 85
    Metcon: 6:19 @ L2 (135lbs though)

    PS. I might’ve left a blue plaid J-Crew shirt (XS) in the locker room..I’ll be in the Monday class to pick it up…If anyone finds it, please leave it in the locker room, I don’t want it to become another victim like someone else’s north face cap that i’ve read about here…

  43. Aaron K PCF

    Snatch: 135-135-155(2)-165(1)
    Diane: 6:47 rx’d

    Silent Assassin’s still got it…