Tuesday 120717

EMOTM 15 Minutes
2 Power Cleans
4 HSPU/Ring Dip/Ring Push-up/Push-up
* Treat the power cleans like any other strength day. Choose the heaviest weight you can maintain over the course of the 15 minute period.

4 Rounds
15 Toes to Bar
15 Back Rack Lunges (95/65)
Run 200m

Level II
4 Rounds
15 Knees to as High as You Can
15 Back Rack Lunges (75/55)
Run 200m

Level I
4 Rounds
15 Hanging Leg Raises
15 Back Rack Lunges (45/32)
Run 200m

Post loads and times to comments.

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  1. JB

    Part 1: Power cleans: 95#, HSPU
    Part 2: 75# lunges, 13:30. Last round of lunges was painful.

  2. John F.

    EMOTM: Two 105# power cleans & 3 ring dips per min.
    metcon: 12:19 w/ level II lunges, but rx TTB

  3. DF Pete/Pete CF

    EMOTM: 255 lb Power cleans, 8 HSPUs (scaled up a bit…that one was tough) rx’d

    Metcon: 2:47 rx’d

  4. Monique

    Part 1: 75# power clean, pushups. Wasn’t sure on weight for this but could have gone a little heavier. I liked this.
    Part 2: 12:23 @ level 2. Finally strung together the knees to somewhere, which felt great.

  5. ML

    EMOTM: 125# power cleans/ 12 ring dips (yellow band)
    Metcon: 10:05 Rx’d

  6. Aaron PCF

    As you choose your clean weight and hspu scales, you should make it heavy but not unreasonable. This is not a metcon. You should feel pleasantly tired afterwards.

  7. Ande

    Yeah 6:30 AM:)! way to rock it. Thanks for the pain Coach Jay and Coach Kevin:)!!

  8. Cupcake

    Peter – I believe you left a “1″ off your metcon time. You’re not fooling anyone.

  9. Ryan S.

    Metcon 1: 135# & ring dips
    Metcon 2: 15:00 rx’d

  10. Casto

    Pete, I’m going to have to side with Cupcake on this one. Unless your 200M time is now about :12.
    Where is JG Wentworth with his BS meter when we need him?
    Aaron, there is no such thing as “pleasantly tired.”

  11. Simon C.

    EMOTM: 95# Power Cleans/HSPU (turned into HS after a while).
    Around 12:00 something on the METCON @ level II with TTBar.

    Workouts seems to be getting inexorably harder as of late. What’s up with that? Sigh…..

  12. Jenni B

    That was fun! And after yesterday…. 135lb cleans/HSPU. Metcon 9:20 rx.

  13. Mary P.

    EMOTM: 95# power cleans/4 push ups
    I should have used my time more wisely and worked on ring dips. The weight was perfect for my tight lower back…still working on those hammies.

    Metcon: 12:45 rx’d.

    Thanks for the push Judy!

    Nice work 0630.

  14. DF Pete/Pete CF


    I’ve been doing paleo lately. ;)

  15. Jeff C

    EMOTM: 135×5, 145×5, 140×5 on pc, hspux5, dipsx5, pusx5

    Metcon: 13:03 level II (difficult after yesterday and today’s EMOTM)

    I enjoyed the EMOTM. Something different, but definitely tired me out a bit on the Metcon.

  16. Casto

    ML, I don’t believe I have ever worked out around you (with reason, since I have enough ego bruising to go around between Erika, Jenni B and Jen N), but all I can say is: well played.
    Haters gonna hate. But Pete is still full of crap.

  17. Sean C

    Congrats to my much better half, Margaux, for completing her first Rx WOD today.

  18. Monique

    Yay, Margaux! Well done!

  19. Tom G

    Interesting article on nutrition – “weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing” link in name

  20. Grace Ann

    Nice job Margaux – witness to the seemingly effortless HSPU

    Good to be back. I missed this place.

  21. erika

    Margeaux! Does this mean you finally ditched the abmat on the HSPU?! I’m so proud…yet sad I wasn’t there to witness……

  22. John S

    @Aaron: This was a cool WOD.
    EMOTM: 135/4 ring dips
    METCON 2: 12:01 Rx with major performance degradation on TTB.
    I haven’t seen anyone post it yet, so I’ll just mention for the evening crew, a few of the guys this morning agreed they started a bit light on the power cleans. Even a couple of the people doing HSPUs added weight in later rounds and still had around 30 seconds of rest.

  23. Toni

    @BrianPCF – Is Patriot going to host 31 Hero’s again this year?

  24. erika

    Public Service Announcement: Mount Vernon Farm is delivering to Patriot tomorrow. Place your orders by 1pm today. http://www.mountvernonfarm.net/orderform.aspx

  25. Brian PCF

    @Toni – ask Erika.

  26. Toni

    @Erika – Will Patriot be programming 31 Hero’s this year? And if so, do we need to sign up??

  27. DF Pete/Pete CF

    I think I’m more flattered that Cupcake and Casto thought my PC and HSPU weights/reps were believeable, but my metcon time was complete BS. I can understand Casto having issues with numbers, reading, and well…intelligent thought in general being from West Virginia Univ. Cupcake on the other hand….too much sun in FL?

  28. Casto

    I’m smart enough to know several things, Peter.
    For instance:
    Pete owns 3 Monsters of Rock CDs.
    Pete is scared of heights.
    Pete talks to himself and sometimes responds.

  29. J.PCF

    Pete, I’m glad you volunteered to run the next paleo challenge. Bet you could get BMitch to help you out with it.

  30. Michelle Z.

    EMOTM: 115# with kipping hspu attempts (and mini clinic from Brianpcf) for rds 1-7 and 4 ring dips for the rest.
    MC: 12:55 rx’d (using rings for ttb – does that count?)

  31. DF Pete/Pete CF


    Note to self. Delete all stupid shit from facebook.

  32. AndrewL

    PC&HSPU: 135 (for first 4 or 5 rounds then went to 115) and 4 HSPU for 4-5 rounds then did at least 2 a round.

    Metcon: 12:51 or something RXd (Strung together my first TTB today using the patent pending “Pregnant Lady TTB Method” Thanks Erika!

    Today really sucked, i was almost late today and during the “strength” workout I was wondering why I rushed and didnt just say “screw it, its my rest day”….Oh yeah i wanted to beat Len, thats why.

  33. Jon W

    @John S – Thanks for sharing PC weight and HSPU advice from this morning. I couldn’t make it to 0630 today so I will definitely take it into consideration at the 5:34pm WOD.

  34. John S

    @Jon W., cute, yes we all know you automatically add 4 minutes to your arrival time, and then you still crush the rest of us on the WOD.
    This is a good one, you’re gonna’ love it.

  35. Chesley

    Casto you forgot to mention Pete’s ability to eat an entire box of hot pockets faster than kobisahi can even thinks about a hot dog

  36. The Middle Man

    @Toni – please let @BrianPCF know @Erika’s response

  37. Katie M

    EMOTM: 65# and purple band ring dips. I should have gone heavier with both. Next time!

    MC: 14:23ish, with 32# lunges and my first time doing full TTB in a WOD. Huge thanks to everyone at 430pm who pushed me towards the end. Definitely needed it today.

  38. Jon W

    PC & HSPU – 185# and 4 HSPUs per round

    Metcon – 10:50 rxd

    Great WOD, really liked the extended EMOTM.

  39. Casto

    I have the exact opposite feeling of Jon. OK, not really. That was my dead legs talking.
    EMOTM: 135 & 4 Push Ups.
    Metcon: 11:19 with 75, TTA and 200M row.

  40. Joe M

    135 and 4 hspu for the first 10 rds and 2 for the rest-should have done heavier cleans

    14.20 RX’d on the metcon

    Ttb are the devil

  41. Mark McGinn

    PC -115 + ring dips
    MetCon 14:03 RX’d
    Fun WOD, as much as that can be fun.

  42. Jen N

    Awesome programming today – thought it was a totally different stimulus and really challenging.

    EMOTM: 155 (for 11 rounds), 145 for the last 4. My form became really ugly so Wilkins recommended dropping the weight towards the end – it was a good recommendation. (and HSPUs)

    Metcon: 12:14 Men’s RX

    the short 5 min of rest/set up between the two portions of the workout killed me.

  43. Mollie N

    EMOTM: 85lbs, and 4 pushups (first 5 rounds I did one ring dip and 3 push ups)

    Metcon: 11:43 @55lbs all else rx’d.

  44. Mollie N

    Oh, and big shocker here, I also enjoyed the programming…it was like two workouts in one!

  45. Lynette

    EMOTM: 105# for 9 rounds, then 95#; 4 ring dips.
    Metcon: 11:09 with 65#. Subbed situps for TTB, after rd 1, due to hand tear.

  46. Sean P

    135# and 10:28 Rx’d