Unlock your inner athlete

Fitness goals should be a side effect of having fun.


Why Patriot CrossFit?

Since 2008, we’ve been providing our members with an avenue to achieve meaningful, lasting, positive changes in their health, fitness, and well-being using the CrossFit methodologies.

Our goal at Patriot CrossFit is to educate and support each individual in the gym, all the while ensuring safety and efficient, effective movement patterns.

We love having ambitious, curious, and motivated individuals join us, regardless of background.

If you have never stepped foot in a gym or played a sport, if you are coming off an injury or have struggled to stay healthy, Patriot CrossFit is a place where you will be supported and are able to succeed.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals


I’m a competitive guy so I wanted a gym that could push me. I’ve never been pushed this hard or gotten this much better. It’s absolutely the best part of my day.
PCF has become like a second family to me. The community is so full of awesome people that it’s almost impossible NOT to make friends.
— Veronica T.
Everything about the work is true. They’re difficult but rewarding. Everything about the “dangers” is crazy. The coaches help every person and I’ve learned so much and gotten so much better.
— Lindsey M.