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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take out of town drop-ins?

Welcome to Arlington! We’d love to have you drop in. We have a few options depending on how long you’re staying:

In town for a day?
Our drop in is $25 and includes all our classes and open gym (open anytime there is class).

In town for a few days?
You can drop in once for $25 but if you leave us a 5-star review on Google or Facebook we’ll give you a second one for free.

In town for a week+?
We have a weekly drop in rate of $75. But you can also play around with the above options if you’re only gonna work out for a few days. Long story short, we’re pretty flexible!

Sorry we don’t take shirts in exchange and our drop ins do not include a shirt or anything.


What is CrossFit?

Put simply, CrossFit is an athlete's approach to training for everyday life.  No gimmicks, no fads, no trends, just hard work and good training.  We stick to movements (squats, running, pullups, etc) that have always worked.  We mix them up and vary them because that's how life works: things come at you in strange mixes of cardio and strength. Each class contains a Warm Up, Strength Training, and Cardiovascular Conditioning. Each class has a coach to teach the agenda for everyone and once you mix that with encouraging teammates you have the best hour of your day at the best gym in Arlington.

Why is it so expensive?

It's not cheap, but it's not expensive.  Expensive implies it's overpriced.  A gym membership that you pay for and never use is expensive.  Our memberships are not cheap, but that's because what we do works. 

What we do is time and labor intensive.  We treat every PCF-er like an athlete, not a hamster.  We don't just stick you on a treadmill or watch you spin away like other gyms.  Traditional gyms are cheap because only 11% of people show up, 89% never show up and end up subsidizing the ones that do. At Patriot, we're almost the polar opposite; 85% of our athletes can't go 2 weeks without showing up. We charge what we do because it works and you're worth it.

Will I get too bulky?

If you're a guy? You will probably put on some size. You won't get bulky but you might look like this or this. If you want to be "bulky" you need to train like a bodybuilder.  If you want to look athletic you need to train like an athlete. Our training is inherently athletic, so that's what you'll end up looking like.

If you're a gal? Well, are you taking testosterone/steroids? If not, then no, you won't; it's literally impossible. If you see women who are built like men, it's because they take the same hormones as men. If you train with us and don't take drugs you'll probably look something like this or this.  If that's "too bulky" than yeah you probably shouldn't do CrossFit.

Don't a lot of people get hurt?

Have people gotten hurt? Of course they have. We won't out right lie to you. But did you know that upwards of 90% of runners get hurt in the first 2 months? Even 1 in 4 people get hurt doing Zumba. CrossFit's injury rates are significantly lower than both of those other alternatives. 

I won't lie to you though, there are a lot of bad CrossFit gyms.  So picking the right one is important. We are meticulous about our coaching and athletes and that's why we start everyone with a Free Consultation and CrossFit 101.


Questions We’d Wish You’d Ask

What makes you different from other CrossFit Gyms?

Great question!  The thing to understand about CrossFit is that it's like saying "yoga."  There are tons of yoga studios but they all do yoga differently.  CrossFit is similar.  Each one is, and I can't emphasize this enough, very different.  

Each CrossFit gym creates a different vibe.  This creates a ton of diversity from gym to gym (and also a whole lot of bad apples...).  

So while no other gym has produced more CrossFit Games Athletes and 100lbs weight losses, we live and die by simply making training fun.  No matter what your goal is, we're going to focus on having fun first, then training second.

Is this worth my time and money?

What another great and rarely asked question!  

You will only get what you put in.  But what you put in you'll get 10x in return:

  • We've watched people go from smoking 2 packs a day to being a top ranked CrossFit athlete. 

  • We've watched 4 people lose over 100lbs (and one lose over 200lbs).

  • We've seen 5 different marriage proposals with more on the way...

So the answer is an unequivocal yes, it's worth it; but we can't do it for you.  

I'm in horrible shape.  Can I actually do this without embarrassing myself?

OMG!  What another phenomenal question!  I like you already!

Trust us we've seen worse.  TRUST US!

Here's the thing about CrossFit.  You're going to get humbled.  The very nature of how we train is designed to find what you suck at.  That might be cardio, weightlifting, learning new skills; trust us, we're gonna find something every single person is bad at.  So the answer is yes, everyone will get "embarrassed" at some point.  But the question is: how do you deal with it?

If you're committed to getting better, we're here to help you get better.  We're here to help you improve what might embarrass you so you never get embarrassed again.  But we need you to start and we'll take you the rest of the way!

I genuinely want to get in shape, but I'm a serial drop out.  Can you you help?

We specialize in serial drop outs!! ;)

In our experience people drop out for at least 1 of 3 reasons:

  1. They don't have a plan. They can make it up for a little while but eventually they stall out and get bored.

  2. They don't have a dedicated coach.  This takes a lot of work and expertise.  If you're figuring it out for yourself you'll make mistakes.  You need to make it as easy on yourself as possible.

  3. They don't have a team.  Humans are social creatures.  We crave community.  We crave a tribe.  PCF is that tribe.  A team of people who want you to be the best version of yourself.

That's why we've structured everything we do around providing those three elements.  Because when you combine them  you'll become an addict, not a drop out.

My friend who does CrossFit says the people are great. But everyone else says they are total self-absorbed jerks.  What gives?

Without question, CrossFit has some.... meatheads (for lack of a better phrase).  As we mentioned above, each gym is so different from one another that some encourage that kind of behavior.  Unfortunately those... meatheads... tend to be loud, abrasive and give a bad name to the rest of us.

We've dealt with them and decided they aren't worth the trouble so we fired them all from our gym.  It's not as ruthless as it sounds.  You see, when you do CrossFit you are BOUND to get humbled by something.  When most people are humbled they have two options: accept it or quit.  Lame people quit.  The awesome people, aka PCF-ers, accept it and get better.  Which are you?

Do you wanna be at a gym with people who spend the entire time staring at themselves in a mirror and taking selfies?  Or the kinda that lift each other up, socialize together and make some of the best friends of their lives?